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Visitor Vehicle Registration

Short-term or long-term visitors to the University of Richmond campus may fill out the form below to have a visitor pass mailed to them prior to their arrival on campus.  Students requesting short term parking (four weeks or less) should come to the Parking and Transportation office to pick up a temporary parking pass.  Students with temporary parking passes will be assigned to lot C66.

If you will be attending a specific event on campus, or will be using a specific building (such as the library) please note this under the “Purpose for being on campus” section of the form. If you are visiting a student on campus please write the student’s name and dorm in order to be assigned to the proper lot.  If you will be visiting a professor, please write the professor’s name and department.


Street Address




Current e-mail address

Vehicle Make (i.e. Ford)

Vehicle Model (i.e. Taurus)

Vehicle License Plate Number

Vehicle License State

Dates during which you will be on campus


Purpose for being on campus

Building to visit

How would you like to receive your permit?

Mail Pick up

Additional Information

The University is working toward being an environmentally conscious community. Parking Services will send a digital copy of the campus parking map with instructions on your lot assignment. If you would like a paper copy of the map sent with your parking pass, please check this box.

By submitting this form, I agree to read and abide by the University of Richmond's parking rules and regulations as stated in the information provided upon receipt of a parking permit.  I understand failure to observe such regulations may result in parking citations.  I understand that the University of Richmond shall not be liable for loss or damage to said vehicle or its contents.

Name: Date:

Please allow three business days for processing and mailing.  Pass will be mailed to the address listed on the form.  Vehicle(s) are not registered until the pass is displayed.

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