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Parking Violation Fines

Parking Citation fines range from $30 to $150. All fines are paid at the Bursar's office.

Additional penalties are added to the fines when the car has been cited more than five times during a semester.

If you wish to appeal a violation, you may file an online appeal.

Parking in or blocking a handicap space or ramp** $150
Parking in restricted areas on football game days $100
Failure to park in assigned parking lots on football game days $100
Parking in a fire lane $75
Creating a traffic hazard     $45
Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant  $45
Parking in lot W76 - Dining Hall/Science Center $45
Parking in a restricted or coned area       $40
Failure to park in assigned lot        $30
Parking in any space, other than assigned lot, prior to 3 p.m.  $30
Parking in a No Parking Tow Away Zone   $45 (or amount posted)
Parking on walkway, grass, or any area not designated for parking


Parking beyond time limit in an restricted time area  $30
Parking in a Reserved Space        $30
Failure to display a current parking permit or temporary parking pass $30
Towing fine (on-campus) $85
Towing fine (off-campus) $100
Parking Privileges Revoked $50

An additional $10 penalty will be added to the fine if the vehicle has exceeded five parking violations during a semester. Vehicles are towed at the expense of the owner, and towing charges cannot be appealed. Contact the Police Department or Parking and Transportation for information as to where your vehicle has been towed as soon as possible.

Parking and Transportation may revoke parking privileges at any time for excessive fines, fraudulent registration, or irresponsible behavior while operating a vehicle on campus.

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