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Parking Citation Appeal Form

Parking citations may be appealed by submitting the form below within 10 calendar days from the date the citation was issued. No appeal will be accepted after 10 calendar days. Appeals are heard by a student appeal board. Citations are transferred to the Bursar's Office for collection and are due at the time a tuition bill is received regardless of the status of a pending appeal.

Read these tips on writing an appeal.

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First Name:

Current E-Mail Address:  

University ID (8 digits)

Campus mailing address (i.e. UR Box 9999):

If you are an off-campus student, please enter your local mailing address:

Parking permit number:  

Citation Number:

Enter your appeal statement in the space below.  If you need more room, print out this sheet and attach additional sheets as needed.  Mail the completed appeal to Parking Services via campus mail.


By signing and submitting this form you are confirming the information is in agreement with the University of Richmond’s Honor Code.


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