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Bicycle/Moped/Scooter Registration


It is recommended that you register your bicycle with Parking and Transportation to ensure that we have the information on file in case your bicycle gets stolen or is collected at the end of the school year and deemed abandoned.  Bicycles are not allowed to be left on campus over the summer.  If your bicycle displays a permit, we will be able to contact you to confirm that you wish for your bike to be included in the bike auction.  


Mopeds/scooters must be registered with Parking and Transportation if operated on the University of Richmond campus.  Permits are free of charge and must be displayed visibly on the vehicle.  Mopeds/scooters should be parked in posted motorcycle/moped parking areas or in outside bike racks.  They cannot be parked inside buildings, in courtyards or on sidewalks impeding pedestrian traffic. 

Please fill out the form below to register for a permit.  The permit will be mailed to the address listed below.

Contact Information

Full Name:

Email Address:

8 digit University ID:
Campus Mailbox Address (i.e. : UR Box 9999, Thomas Hall):
Local Address for Commuters (Street):
ZIP Code: Cell Phone #:

Bicycle/Moped/Scooter Description

Make: Model:
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Type: Frame Style:
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