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Vehicle Towing

Vehicles may be towed for parking in or obstructing:

  • Handicapped spaces or ramps
  • Fire lanes
  • No-parking areas
  • In a way that creates a traffic hazard
  • Reserved spaces
  • Faculty/staff spaces before 5 p.m without the correct permit
  • 24-hour spaces reserved for police vehicles located beside the Special Programs Building
  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • On the grass or other areas not designated for vehicular parking
  • Parking in other areas not designated for vehicles
  • Obstructing dumpsters
  • If they are not moved by the indicated time for a special event
  • Parking in lots C61-C75 off College Road, and lots R42-R49 off Richmond Way, after 2am on football game days
  • Vehicles may also be towed for multiple "unregistered vehicle" violations

Parking Services may revoke parking privileges at any time for excessive parking fines, fraudulent registration or irresponsible behavior or use of a vehicle on university property.

Vehicles are towed at the expense of the owner. Towing charges may not be appealed.

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