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Carpool Parking Spaces

Carpooling is an environmentally and economically sustainable form of transportation. The University of Richmond is offering carpool spaces in order to reduce the demand for parking spaces on campus.

This service is designated for existing permit holders and defines carpooling as a formal commitment to regular travel in a group of two or more. Carpool spaces will be added or removed from parking lots as warranted by need and regular use. Carpool spaces are open to faculty/staff members and commuting students. If you would like information on registering as a UR Carpool network, contact Parking Services at (804) 289-8703.

Requirements for Carpool Permits

  • Travel together a minimum of three times a week
  • Have vehicles registered with Parking Services
  • Each participant registers at least one vehicle to the carpool
  • Open to all people who live off campus
  • Make a commitment to travel together for a minimum of three months.
  • Vehicles must be registered with Parking Services and display a current UR permit

Not Eligible for Carpool Permits

  • Family members, living in the same household who normally ride together
  • An individual who would otherwise travel by bus or bike, or on foot
  • Resident students

 Enforcement of Carpool Parking Spaces

  • Vehicles not displaying a valid UR carpool permit will be subject to a $30 parking citation and towing at the owner's expense.
  • Vehicles registered to a carpool network will be issued a carpool parking permit. If both or all vehicles registered to the carpool are found on campus for more than two days a week for more than two weeks in a month, the reserved carpool space will be removed.
  • Carpool spaces are reserved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for registered carpool vehicles.
  • If members of the carpool decide to no longer utilize this service, they must contact Parking Services to have the reserved carpool space removed.
  • Vehicles registered in a carpool network must utilize reserved carpool spaces within their assigned parking lots.  If all carpool spaces are full vehicles must be parked legally in non reserved spaces in vehicle's assigned parking lot.
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