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Golf Cart Use on the University of Richmond Campus

Golf carts may be used as transportation for students with an illness or injury that limits their mobility on campus.  

Qualification for having a golf cart on campus

  1. Must have a valid driver’s license.
  2. Golf cart must display a ‘Slow Moving Vehicle’ emblem.**
  3. Golf cart must be registered with Parking and Transportation Services.

Rules for having a golf cart on campus

  1. The cart is for the sole use of the injured or ill student. 
  2. The cart cannot be loaned out to other students for transportation around campus.
  3. The cart can only transport the number of people that there are seats. 
  4. The cart may be used on the campus roads or the campus sidewalks.
  5. Golf carts may not be operated on grass.
  6. Remember to give the pedestrians the right of way.
  7. The cart may be parked next to buildings.  However, do NOT block doorways or sideways.
  8. Carts must be secured to itself when left unattended.  A chain and lock must be obtained before cart comes to campus. 


  1. Golf cars shall be operated only between sunrise and sunset, unless equipped with headlights, brake lights and approved by the University of Richmond Police Department.
  2. If using the cart on the campus road, you are subject to all laws governing the operation of vehicles.
  3. Carts cannot be used on city/county roadways. You cannot drive the cart on any of the streets bordering campus per Virginia Code §46.2-916.1 and §46.2-916.3.
  4. Carts may be used to cross streets, such as, Boatwright Drive at the Robins Center.  When crossing please cross at the crosswalks.
  5. Do not use cart if you have been drinking alcoholic beverages or if you are under the influence of drugs, prescriptions or other substances that could potentially limit your use of motor vehicles or machinery.
  6. The University of Richmond Police Department reserves the right to restrict the use of or impound golf carts if the student is using the cart in such a way that his/her safety or the safety of others is jeopardized.
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